The Hysterophimia Pavilion is the Greek Pavilion for The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale 2019-20
Curator: Foteini Vergidou
The Pavilion is for viewers 18+ years old


Kyriaki Goni


Media installation, website, manifesto, maps, posters, stationery, souvenirs, 2017

We are living in an era where our data has a great amount of value and they are being used for free, without our consent or knowledge. In fact, our personal data is an asset, like a stock, and it belongs to us. Kyriaki Goni’s work “Athens Datahaven Inc.” claims back our data ownership in the form of a corporate company that raises awareness and offers solutions about distribution and storage of personal data, digital privacy and security, mainly by investigating off-cloud solutions.

With the services provided by Athens Datahaven Inc., everyone can now sell their data or can let others invest on their dataset. If the customer chooses only to securely save and protect their data, the company provides that as well. Through a series of services, ownership of personal data comes back to the physical owner of that dataset.

The company, founded in Athens in 2015 for two important reasons. Firstly, the value of democracy and free speech as it was celebrated in ancient Greece has been part of the process of building a national identity since the creation of the Greek state. Secondly, by exploiting the methods of an already existed political and economical system, this grassroots movement utilizes collective action in the local level and maybe later in hyper local one, and critically explores, under the label Athens Datahaven Inc., practices and maybe also offers solutions in the way we live and experience our digital lives.

Athens Datahaven Inc. functions also as a platform for discussion and research in the intersection of art and technology.