The Hysterophimia Pavilion is the Greek Pavilion for The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale 2019-20
Curator: Foteini Vergidou
The Pavilion is for viewers 18+ years old


Kailum Graves

Transillumination (A Moment of Noise in Memory of Absence)

Digital video, 16:9 Full HD, colour, stereo, 2016

Graves’ work is comprised of thousands of self-portraits created by capturing the transmission of light through different parts of the artist’s body with a mobile phone. Transillumination of the skin is performed to visualise subsurface blood volume and blood oxygen saturation; however, by repeating the process the effect is subsumed to create an ambiguous sequence of moving images that exist somewhere between art and life, and the organic and inorganic.

Grave’s intention for the work is to expose a hybrid process between performance and videography, as both an abstract self-portrait and binary landscape.