The Hysterophimia Pavilion is the Greek Pavilion for The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale 2019-20
Curator: Foteini Vergidou
The Pavilion is for viewers 18+ years old


For Cancel


Video, 2019

The world today feels as a black hole absorbing everything visually and at the same time projecting predetermined norms and stereotypes back to us. New ways of interpreting the world emerge from new aesthetics.
For their work “Rejected” For Cancel (here represented by Takis Zervedas and Makis Faros) have collected real passport photos from random people that were left in an old photo shop’s archive. The portraits that we see in their work, don’t correspond to real people, since they are a collage of characteristics from different people. These non-existing portraits are classified and rejected from different factors composing a dystopic image of the future.

for cancel: Takis Zerdevas, Zoi Pirini, Makis Faros