The Hysterophimia Pavilion is the Greek Pavilion for The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale 2019-20
Curator: Foteini Vergidou
The Pavilion is for viewers 18+ years old


Mária Júdová & Constantine Nisidis


Virtual Reality Installation, 2019 – 2020

Ancient shamans wearing a mask were considered to become a bearer of the spirit of the mask, the medium between the spirit and the tribe. From Instagram filters to image modification software, the use of “masks” has been promoted throughout Internet culture to hide peoples faces, true emotions, habits and beliefs. On the other hand, these masks are also used to train sophisticated algorithms working on face recognition systems.

“Kykeon” is an immersive virtual reality experience exploring shamanism as a way to reimagine our current society. The work will unfold its problematic in a VR trilogy and reflects on loss of a sense of community and empathy, as well as lack of concern for others. A search for a path forward, examining tradition and the ways of the tribe. It takes ancient culture and civilization, ritualistic, folkloric practices as an inspiration, to re-examine them, and look at them as a way for us to move forward.

Here is presented a teaser documentation of the work that will premiere in 2020.

Kykeon is a project by visual artists Mária Júdová (SK) and Constantine Nisidis (GR) and sound artist Liam Blackburn (UK), created with the support of Motion Bank.